Step in, and a new life starts for You!

I know you can not live without it..., You get what I want ....!
Psychological and physical pain, all kind of punishment,
strict subjection of you, you will enjoy lust and pain ...!
My bittersweet affectations :
  • Bondage and long term bondage( rape, latex and/or plastic)
  • Foot-, Shoe und Bootfetich
  • Facesitting
  • Transformation and TV training (slave girl, bi-play)
  • Classical education
  • Chary introduction to beginners
  • Anal play - chary Defloration, Clyster, Extension, Fisting
  • Caning
  • Ballbusting & CBT
  • Trampling (with boots / high heels)
  • Bastonade
  • Latex training - intensely training for latexslaves(slave, Zofe, doll latexdog)
  • Hot Wax
  • Mummification
  • Plaster bondage
  • Hood
  • Breath control
  • Electro torture
  • Champagner
  • Forcible feeding
  • Weight reduction(strict dill,daly weighing)
  • Smoke weaning
  • Fattening diet
  • Strict interrogation
  • Military training
  • Torture in the erdhole
  • Bizarre Kidnapping
  • Chastity belt - over one week up to months
  • Training as personal butler/slave (with contract)
  • Roleülay (guard/prisoner, teacher/student, mother/adultbaby ...)
  • Nappy fetish (AB, DL)
  • Bi-Slave training
  • Outdoorplay
  • Individual long term stay, holiday for slaves, Bizarre overnight stay
  • Imprisonment - prison cell or underground bunker (controlled by cam)
  • Training as human animal :
    riding (hard trainig & strict dressage -I will bring out the best of you)
    hunman dog (In - or outside the house, overnight stay in the dog basket or in the garden chained )
    human pig (survey, feeding, dressage, slaughtering)
  • Fem Dom Parties with my private dominant Girlfriends

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